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I'll be stopping

 Probably not gonna post here any longer. Not much time. Usually a lot on my mind. 

just unable to put it all here. 

Guess that's all. 

Till I'm spotted again. 



The plain day. Many talkabouts today. The meetup with this, walkon with that.
Manymany. Tell me now, how, what, cause I don't mind listening. Today's that day.
Hear the thoughts.

I had my first experience with the AXS machine ytd. Stood infront. Not knowing that theres a keypad to enter some numbers.
Btw, Harry Potter. Was too many moving scenes that blurred my poor eyes and cause a headache. SUCK.
Could have been better. Almost 3 hours in a chair, noisy kids with parents who don't know how to shut them up behind.
ohwells, its normal already isn't it. The KIDS rule, the PARENTS drool. Meant to be?

Look at it.
Admire it.
Don't touch it.

Thoughts today.

How about this? Or that?

No feel good day!

Its just like that. like that.

Some mood this is, weirdly so. Just a feeling? You won't know? Maybe there is a reason. But maybe not as well. Feelings. Weird things?
Who feels like that? Me only? Haha. I'm trying to perk myself up. Like good job. yeah man.

ABC, Easy as 123, Do Re Mi.

been addicted to PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES.

totally cleared the whole adventure level already. HAHA.

Rather short though.

I thought through things, knowing things will remain the same way.
As to how these people are, I may never be able to change their thoughts.
I'm not superwoman, I will never be able to please everyone.
I'll try my best not that I won't.
Cause being a pain in the ass won't do.
I do hope things turn out for the better, be the best it can be.
Not just stay the way it is.
Accept others, irritating or unpleasant as some may be,
give a chance.
Be a friend.
Do to others what you want them to do to you.

At times, things may not sound the way a person may have thought of saying it.
Don't speculate, just ask.
I guess that's the only why you'll know what another was really trying to say.

Understanding may never be the same as how someone is actually thinking.
Don't proclaim you understand, because that person may not be feeling the way you understood.
Just listen, provide what you know.
It'll be appreciated.

I don't direct this to anyone, just a note.
Its how I cope, may not be how you do.

Take care for the coming week.
It's gonna be a busy one for me.

Maybe, you people just don't get it.

I don't owe anyone a living. not in this school.
Get it clear, you need to do what you're supposed to.

Is it that hard?


who said it was easy.


A fellow friend passed on.
Not too old, just a parent of 2 young kids, 2 that may not ever understand what they lost their mum to.
Cancer it is but why I wanna ask.

Preventable, or just the One up there who made the decision in the end.
its scary as I think about all this, how weird life could be.

A minute you're all good and well, the next you're struggling for your last breath.

To think the amount to go through.
I may never grasp.

Ever thought how short your life may be?
Death may be this close?

So close you don't even know.
Scary but nothing you can do.

I struggle.
Sometimes thinking death is the easy way out.
Sometimes wondering if life is meant to be this way.
Sometimes unsure of my existence on this forsaken land.

i'm sorry for the 2 kids, for the heart-broken widowed husband.
for the loss that may never mend the hearts of these children, this father of 2.

Afterall, death comes.
Just when?

Still on it...

Countless AGMs to attend, countless times of thinking what to wear
BUT its all fun. =)

Photo ops and crazy things, mild yet fun.
Tell me about it.

I've been stuck on a certain something, nothing pleasant.
Like how could this be happening when you people said you want to make a difference.
Empty words?



Hopes built in each, don't burst it please.
Just moving along, don't stop please.
That's all that's asked, help blow the bubble, move along.

I'm in a new phase of life.
Good or bad, I don't know.

I'm not well, having a real bad throat, if not feeling woozy, then the occasional fever, not forgetting the ever running nose.
Swine flu? nope, not so easy.

I've more to deal with than I thought, family, school, work.
I feel its fine but behind it all, you just now its not. I guess this is life.

I'm not feeling sad, or anything negative.
Maybe just numb.
If only situations pass like clouds, it'll pass when all is done.

I'm deep in thought.

Oh me, oh my.

Tell me about it. One week since the results but it feels longer. Maybe cause I've gotten used to this.
The long hours in the lounge. In the messiness of the homely feeling there and being there. Doing what we need, what we're supposed to.
Its not just being a exco, a privileged one, its also being that student you're meant to be all year long. No no, not easy.
Not when you know you plan to do it good. We're hoping, wishing, I hope.
I may not be the best person in doing all this, but I'll try. Just now to be given a chance, is damn good. Feeling it, embracing it.
I hope change is taken positively, sometimes things just have to be done that way.
Pardon me dear friends cause I'll be grabbing on to maybe, one too many things.
I'll be maintaining, studies, responsibilities (home, school, SU).
Give me that chance and understnading yeah?
To people I don't know but had to be fierce or mean to, to cut you from being a subcomm.
Its not that I want to, but its just how things work and sometimes decisions have to be harsh to make a change.
We hope for the best, to recruit who we think with our gut and heart is the one to choose.
Final decisions, we leave it to the appropriate people.
I'll be hopingg, wishing, dreaming for the greatness this year.
A lot of hopes.
I look forward.

for you, I still am here.


The running is all over, I'm glad it is, I really am. There are many to thank for helping me, I'll name them later. =)
Its been traumatic for me, with posters all over, stickers stuck everywhere, erasers given out, talking to people I don't know as a campaigning act. Its all paid off, I got 640 votes. Safely into the exco. AND I THANK ALL WHO VOTED AND BROUGHT PEOPLE TO VOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD. My thanks to all who did that and more later. The really close ones.

I gotta thank GOD first I tell you why, I wake up to a negative morning everyday, if not for the GOD I believe in, I don't think I'd be able to safely get through each day without crying and feeling emo. My prayer every morning stays the same, its that whatever happens, thats the path GOD planned for me. No worries to it. Only the plan GOD had given to me. Safety comes along with that and each time of the day it comes, this prayer keeps my sanity. =)

The next would be dearest Dennis, all the putting up of posters, no him = no posters hanging in school. And no him means no love and no support through all these tough times of emotions. All the understanding he gives me is unphatomable. You'll be shocked to recieve it I'm sure. The rest words can't describe. haha. BUT love. Thanks love. =))

Branda for the moral support and helping with erasers, stickers, helping me to forget the whole running thing by doing crazy things. All the funny jokes. Though the lack of time to spend together and have fun, she made the difference by being the support crew. DUA LOVE! =)

Jiayi for the seriously blur times to lighten the mood in the lounge and just do crazy stuff with photo booth and so on. Lunches with her are a joy. =)

Xin Hui for the big smiles though I don't get to see her often and when I do, the big hugs help a whole lot. =)

Chelsie for crazy times but a growing love in our friendship through tough times! =)

Zhao for all the talks during hockey training and mutual worries!!! =)

Grace Phua, Becca, Elise, Fion for helping me out with all the erasers, posters, buying lunch for me all at the crucial times. A very very very big thank you!!!! =)

Brandon and Luffy for being my poster buddies and getting a good deal and being my poster QCs.

Keith who so very nice volunteered to be the shoulder for tears and all the suspense he created! ROARS! 

Latif for all the help he gave despite all he needed to do for his own too!

All the others!


I'm sorry I may have left you out but forgive me for the short term memory loss alright? I'm at a high now. 'Cause all the hard work has paid off. Not mine only but all your's too. Means those who voted as well! A very very very big thank you!!! =))))

Today marks the new journey of what's to come. GOD PLEASE HELP!!! =D

Thanks all once again. MY HEARTFELT THANKS!!! 

Evangelin is super thankful!